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Stroll through the Cemetery of Enna  “Camposanto de’ Cappuccini”.

What to see in Enna

A stroll through a cemetery may not sound the usual way to get to know a new place, but Enna’s hilltop town Cemetery, “Camposanto Dè Cappuccini”  in via San Francesco D ‘Assisi gives visitors a unique insight into the city’s interesting culture. 

Most important attraction in Enna

During our trip to Sicily, toward the end of the last summer, Alessandro and I visited the Cemetery in Enna. We all visit the graves of our loved ones; doing so, is not only our need but also a biblical lesson we learnt during our growth right? Jesus visited the tomb of Lazarus to raise him from the dead; on the morning of the Resurrection, Mary Magdalene was going to pay respects to Jesus’ tomb when she then discovered it was empty. What is actually strange is visiting a cemetery as a tourist during the vacation. Let me once again tell you, the cemetery of Enna is really a masterpiece with its project tracked back in the year 1840 and it certainly remains among the things to do in Enna.

What to do in Enna

As we parked the car at its entrance we were captured by the interlocking serious of chaples built uphill. The peculiarity of the Enna’s town cemetery in fact, consists of permanent chapels, one diffrent from the other, belonging to private families who from generation to generation use it to preserve the remains of their loved ones, the burial plots are stored here inside. The older graves are moved over time into smaller spaces to give place for the new souls of the family. 

Cimitero di Enna

The cemetery was planned in the year 1840 nonetheless, the first burial took place only in the year 1877. This memorial gravestone, which belongs to Giovanni Battista Scarlata, by the way, still exists; you can see it at the main boulevard of the cemetery called today Maria SS della visitazione. 

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The cemetery was further extended in the 1950s and it is today a very large burial ground where you can easily get lost. It is well mapped with streets with names. It is also well looked after, kept clean and tidy. From its hilltop, there is an amazing view of the inner land of Sicily. If you are looking for a good view point of the cemetery, I’ll suggest you to reach the Via Donizetti 12-14.

Enna, Sicily

If you are able to visit Enna, you shouldn’t forget to include the Enna’s Hilltop Monumental Cemetery “Camposanto de’ Cappuccini” not only because it plays a significant role of the history but also because it is absolutely fascinating to experience this “attraction”; it gives you a feel of a small village where the souls seem living happily their otherworldly life.  

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What to visit in Enna Cimitero               


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