Valley of the Temples

October 21, 2018Niry Fidelis

Extraordinary Greek Temples in Sicily

Valley of the Temples Of Agrigento

Valley of temples doesn’t need any introduction I think. Almost everybody already have an idea of what it is being a UNESCO World Heritage. So I’m just going to tell you our experience which is definitely important to best handle your visit. It was in October that we have decided to visit Agrigento and the weather was still warm in Sicily. It was said that it was the perfect time to visit the Valley of the Temples since the months of July, August and September could be still very hot in Sicily.

Valley of the Temples Of Agrigento

The Valley of Temples had two entrances, one up hill and the other one downhill. The both had good parking areas and wherever you park the price was always € 5.00 per day and wherever you start the visit you end up on the other opposite. An internal shuttle bus service runs up and down the hill for 3 euros each way was welcome way of getting back to the car. Out of this service organized by the Valley of the Temples, also the valet parkers undertook a similar unofficial ride for the same price. 

Valley of the Temples Of Agrigento

This service was quite comfortable because thinking to get back by foot was really tiring. We parked at the bottom and took the illegal one immediately which drove us to the top from where we started our visit so that to find ourselves close to our car at the end. We reached the ticket office at 5 pm and we bought the Valley of the Temples guided tour and Archaeological museum combined ticket which cost € 20.50 each. Group tours cost € 5.00 per person (included in our combined ticket). Our cashier said the tour was starting at 6 pm. We had then 1 hour to go around, taking some pictures before coming back to the meeting point. We could not get away too much because the distance between one temple to another was so much so we stayed mostly close to the Temple of Juno. 

Valley of the Temples Of Agrigento

Our guide, Sergio Brucato (English Spanish and Italian speaker) arrived on time and as there were no other Italians for the tour we waited some more minutes and since nobody else joined us we began. The tour of the archaeological park started right at the Temple of Hera (Juno) built at the very top of the hill and the sunset gifted magnificent views. Sergio was exhaustive. This walk for about one mile downhill to the Temple of Zeus and stops along the main path to admire the city were definitely worth to best discover the history and the architecture behind the Valley Of Temples. It took more than an hour and the moment we were reaching the Temple of Zeus it was already dark. Our guide left us at that point; 

Valley of the Temples Of Agrigento

We then had to go forward by ourselves until the temple of Heracles and the rest of the ruins. We would have done it if it had been illuminated. After the Hercules Temple, only some points of the pathway had lights and the whole surroundings were completely dark that we had to help ourselves with the only lights of our phones. Aftermath I really regret that I couldn’t see it all! For this very reason, I definitely recommend going early in the day. If you stay in the area during the sunset then it is the icing on the cake but do it only if you have visited already!

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    I love this article. It's informative and concise with great information.

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