B&B Arco Ubriaco, Agrigento

October 28, 2018Niry Fidelis

A very warm welcome in the heart of the old town of Agrigento

B&B Arco Ubriaco has been one of those fast reservations, booked without any pretensions since we had a very short time available but yet, it has taken us by surprise. 

We were travelling from Enna to Agrigento and already before the arrivals the owners have given us all the information related to the directions and parking. As per their suggestion we left our car in Via Garibaldi. Then we walked toward the Arco Ubriaco.

This is one of the things you have got to remember when going to Agrigento: when travelling by car and most of the time, if not all the time, if you are in Sicily means that you are travelling by a rented car, you won’t be able to park or go close to the front door and if you are a first time traveller to Agrigento you probably even don’t know that streets in the old city centre are so narrow and some are only for pedestrians. For this reason, contacting previously the hotel has been a great idea because B&B Arco Ubriaco really helped us to park our car at zero cost. 
Sara, a pretty lady in her 30’s, gave us a very warm welcome and after the check-in procedures, she informed us about some good local restaurants. Since we stayed there 3 days we tried them all, they were excellent.

B&B Agrigento

Arco Ubriaco had something different from the other places where we have been staying in the past. First of all, the rooms were in the owner’s own house; this made us feel like family. The house was huge, mother Antonella, daughter Sara, son Andrea, two cats, (Milù, Max) and two dogs (Cesere, Nina) made up the household. The ladies were managing the hotel. Antonella works at the Museum of Archaeology in the Valley of Temples meanwhile Sara is an architect. They both are the best source of information you can imagine of. They knew all about their city and they were always ready to help us in any need.

B&B Agrigento

There is one more important fact about the Arco Ubraco which can’t be undervalued: they accepted pets. We all have big attachment to our pets, leaving them at home alone could be pretty stressful. So taking them along with us thanks to some hotels which have started to welcome the pets is not bad at all.

B&B Sicily

Breakfast was simple but delicious with featuring home-made jams, local bread and pastries. Antonella was good enough to create a homely moment. Sadly due to those rainy days we couldn’t have breakfast in the patio.

Hotel Agrigento

It is absolutely a great place to stay in the city centre of Agrigento. Here we felt the affection and warmth of the Sicilian people.

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