Getting Lost In Bruges

July 8, 2018Niry Fidelis

Get Lost In Bruges

It has
been a while since we are back home from our weekend in Bruges, the capital of
West Flanders in northwest Belgium distinguished by its picturesque canals, romantic
streets and a fairy tale medieval buildings. It is certainly one of the best romantic destinations of Europe. Since now we have not yet posted
any of the photos and sincerely we just wonder what is the reason. 

It was just a stone throw from Bruxelles and the bus connections from the Charleroi airport were made so easy that more or less in an hour and a half we reached Bruges via Ghent.  Shuttle busses  in fact, provided services throughout the day,
right at the airport entrance. 
We could easily buy the one way tickets at the right corner of
the airport exit itself for 21 euros per person. If purchased online we would have spent 17 euros per
person so saved up to 4 euros, bud sadly we didn’t know that previously. In case you
didn’t buy them online already before departure, you can do it upon your arrival in
Bruxelles, connecting your mobile to the free Wi-Fi offered by the airport.


Upon arrivals to Bruges, the bus left us on the back
side of the new terminal from where, we just crossed the terminal, got to the
main entrance and then reached the old city centre in about ten minutes. 

to many other canal cities we have been, Bruges had that something more that
can’t be described. And in one simple twist of fate, we went there in June which,
believe us guys, was a perfect month that we could ever have chosen to visit
the city: not only we avoided the rush of tourists but also we could catch
the excellent weather conditions which can’t be absolutely undervalued when
talking about Belgium. Hotels were cheaper, not less than € 100.00 per night (double room) anyways.


the other hand we made a big mistake on believing that two days would have been
enough to visit Bruges. Obviously, better than nothing; don’t get us wrong!!! But
we care to clear out the fact that for all that this small city was offering
two days haven’t been enough at all.
There were sights and
treats for everybody of every age. You know
 there were really plenty of things to do: canal
trips, photogenic square and houses, beer factories, old churches, wind mills,
chocolate shops, museums and getting lost in the city itself was just something
marvellous. We have rented bycicles to make it faster but eventhough we couldn’t visit everything. So, we had to choose, leaving out some tourist attractions, just as
important as the ones we have chosen, has not been so easy for us.

Maybe this shortage could be a good reason to return perhaps during the
Christmas season to see the magic of Christmas in that fabulous city. Who knows!?!
For longer stays we suggest you to find apartments because you can occasionally
get rid of potatoes which were served for lunch and dinner everywhere!

Click here for more photos from Bruges

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Comments (3)

  • Tamsin @BambaExperience

    August 10, 2018 at 2:40 pm

    Bruges looks like a fairytale! I hope you get a chance to go back truly explore everything the city has to offer!

  • Oscar Smith

    June 10, 2019 at 8:50 am

    The city of Bruges is very charming; I do like Brussels but like Bruges the more.I often dream about visiting Bruges. Finally the dream has converted into reality;I have managed to be a part of the magnificent journey of tomorrowland music festival which is going to be a wonderful summer gathering. Thanks “Me with my suitcase” for penning down scenic places of this astonishing city Bruges. Thanks keep on doing the good work.

  • Emily Wilson

    October 10, 2019 at 7:11 am

    Certainly an informative post! Never knew even one day in Bruges could be this much fun! Thanks for sharing about all the exciting to-do things in Bruges. I have recently received my Belgium Schengen Visa to! I am excited to plan my Belgium tour ASAP!

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