10 Reasons why you should travel Sri Lanka by local Busses

June 3, 2018Niry Fidelis

Busses In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Busses
In Sri Lanka most of the
tourist we met along the way, preferred to use for their roundtrips and long
distance transfers private car-with-driver or taxi, and three-wheelers
(tuk-tuk) for short distances. For our trips we favoured using public
transports. At first sight it sounded challenging and stressing but day by day,
in too little time, getting around had become easy and it was absolutely a
great way of experience. The trick was in leaning the directions before asking
others for help. 

Sri Lanka Busses
Here for you 10 Reasons why you should travel Sri
Lanka by local Busses
1.  1)Sri Lanka
is well connected by bus. Bus routes covered more than 90% of the country so they
could take us everywhere around.
2.   2)They are
frequent, most of the time they left every ten minutes. 
3.  3)It is a
place where feeling the real Sri Lankan culture: loud music, religious symbols,
kind people and so on and on. People were very polite and we felt safe all the times.
4.   4)It is a
kingdom for photographers; a great shot was waiting at every single
5.  5)They have
a functional night services, busses were frequent also during the night time, we travelled a lot during the night.
6.  6)Traveling
by bus meant, seeing the main bus-stands of the various cities which used to be
the centre of the cities.
7.  7)There were
so many interesting vendors selling local items that we had never seen in the
touristic areas.
8.   8)It was an
excellent way of orientation and memorization of places.
9.   9)Sometimes
it took the same time of any private vehicle. 
10. 10)The last but the most
important point is that they are extremely cheap. 
Sri Lanka Busses

Here for you few important
information about the Sri Lankan busses. At this moment there are 4 main kinds
of bus services in Sri Lanka:

CTB Government Busses

Sri Lanka By Bus

(Central Transport Board), long distance red coloured ones. They were fast and
they were more likely to follow the timetables. They always issue receipt on
board. They don’t stop everywhere, only at the designated bus stops. For this
reason they were faster. They stop running around by seven pm.

Private Government Contracted Busses

Sri Lanka By Bus

white ones with tribals of any unimaginable colours; they have much more
stop-overs. Sometimes they stop also to collect passengers even if the stopover
is not planned. The conductor just collected the money without issuing receipts.
No worries, they have a great talent to remember the ones who have already
paid. They were more frequent that the CTB busses, if we are not mistaken every
five minutes. Like the CTB Busses, they stop running around the seven pm.

Private Luxury and Semi Luxury Busses

Sri Lanka By Bus

 A/C and Non A/C coaches and minibuses. They have a very limited stops
and a very good night services, for what they were worth for. They are little
bit expensive compared to the others but in any case was an accessible amount.
They don’t allow standing passengers so in case the bus was full we had to wait
for the next one. They run frequently, every 15 minutes, even during the night
so waiting was not boring. They give receipts. They depart from private bus-stands. Hotel managements can easily guide you there.

Express Highway Busses
Sri Lanka By Bus

they run along the highway, they have a starting point and an arriving point.
Before taking the highway, if there were still any seats available they stopped
along the way to pick passengers and once exited the highway they stopped to
drop people especially seniors even if they were not at the final stop. Like
CTB busses and Private Luxury and Semi Luxury Busses, they issue a receipt.
From Colombo to Galle it took about 2 hours. We paid Rs 500.00 for this trip. They also depart from private bus-stands.

Sri Lanka Busses

Sri Lanka Busses

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  • Komal Patel

    June 4, 2018 at 11:56 pm

    I would LOVE to do this. It seems like such an immersive way to see the culture, meet the people and see all the non-tourist sites.

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