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April 30, 2018Niry Fidelis
Nosy Be

Nosy Be, an island
located on the northwest of Madagascar, is the most touristic destination
of the country; beside of its interesting landscape it offers a wide range
of activities such as relaxing on white sandy beached, visiting the
surrounding islands, bathing in volcanic lakes, going in search of lemurs in
the jungles, 
 visiting the holy waterfall and so on. It is
useless to hide that many local and foreign tour operators organize trekking,
mountain bike, diving, fishing and cruises trips around Nosy Be. Sadly, for
unknown reason, Madagascar receives very few tourists, which is really a shame
as in my opinion it is one of the most stunning places on earth. Furthermore,
the few tourists’ familiarity with the island begins and ends within the
resort, which is very reductionist compared to what the country has to offer.
Here are top five things to do while in Nosy Be:

1)   Rent a scooter. It is a great way to explore the island of Nosy Be. Believe me, you will never be disappointed. It cost about € 20.00 per day. Riding a scooter in Nosy be is very easy as there are very few cars in the Island.

Nosy Be

2)  Visit the Hell Ville Market; here you can see what the island has to offer. All the hotels in Nosy Be do an early morning purchase from there so you can learn where the food you eat comes from.

Nosy Be

3)  Don’t stop just by the beach side. Have a walk into their small villages and see how everything is so different. It is not dangerous at all. As Madagascar is among the poorest countries in the world they try to treat well the tourist in order to take advantage from them. Remember that French is their official language but only educated people know it and no one out of the tourist area can speak English. Sometimes you need to back off  so that you are not in others business to much. Give respect and take respect motto works perfectly also in Nosy Be.

Nosy Be

4)  Take a walk during the low tide hours. The sea water disappears for km and km leaving not only a particular landscape but allowing to see the submarine world. You can see the children fishing the trapped fish with a stick.

Nosy Be

5)    Take a boat trip to Nosy Iranja. You can’t miss this! It is a real heaven on earth. Give yourself a day in paradise.

Nosy Be

Obviously there is much more to do in Nosy Be, but knowing already that most of the tourists have one week of vacation, we chose the most we loved. Time permitting I also suggest you a day trip to Ambanja to visit the Millot Cocoa Plantation. I wish I could go back to Madagascar one day! 

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  • Old Tom

    June 1, 2018 at 1:51 pm

    Never heard of this place but it looks nice.

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