Therme Of Meran

August 14, 2017Niry Fidelis
One of my
birthday gifts I ever wanted: Therme of Meran! They are located in the middle
of the Merano town, an entire area dedicated to leisure, wellness and relax. We
parked our vehicle in the awfully expensive car park right underneath and went
up to the therme by stairs. Somehow we already knew there was a discount for
the ones headed to the therme so we remembered to tell the staff we have parked
down there and in fact we got the day’s parking for 10 euros instead of 20 or
whatever. The customer service seemed to me colder than in the other spas where
I have already been in the past. They gave us no direction on where to go or, advices
on lockers, showers and etc. It have been in fact little bit confusing at the beginning,
it was not intuiting at all and we saw people wandering around and asking
others. If you are going there for the first time you need some minutes to
realize what doing first. At the reception desk after we have paid our tickets,
we got a wrist tag watch which gave access to the lockers in the large unisex
locker room. I didn’t pay my ticket as it was a gift but I saw that there were
several ticket options, varying by time and combinations of guests. We have
taken the towels from home so we didn’t pay for it; they need to be rented on a
separate place with separate payment, better having your own one. There was a
gift shop at the entrance with a wide selection of swimsuit, bathing caps,
slippers and magazines, in case you forget something you can easily buy
it there.  As soon as we understood the method
everything became easier: changing rooms, lockers and showers were then simple
and efficient. Once got ready with our swimsuit we entered in to the spa area:
they had a selection of indoor and outdoor pools of all temperature clearly labeled,
mineral bath, sauna, Turkish bath, spa treatments and so on. The locations was
stunning, the surrounding mountains gave an additional touch to the location. It
was crowded but that was not disturbing us because the complex was very big and
there were plenty of things to do. Modern, comfortable clean and well maintained.
It was perfectly planned to entertain families, couples and singles. Nothing
was missing! We stayed in the outdoor complex in the morning and we moved to
the indoor area after having our lunch at the self service restaurant bar for a
reasonable price. All our extras were charged on the wrist tag watch which we settled
down at exit. The food was quite good as well. The indoor area is divided into
the naked and the non-naked sections. Obviously children under 14 have no access
to the naked area. In case parents want to relax without them there was a kid
drop off service for an extra charge of course. I don’t agree with their
photography policy, once inside you can’t take a single photo, if you try to
take one you will be aggressively told off. I have been able to stole some
shots. The staff inside acted more like controlling police instead of informing
guides, so you better pay attention and follow the rules. Most of the outdoor
pools are told to be closed in the cold seasons but it is also said that the
amazing experience is given during the winter when you’ll see the surrounded mountains
covered of snow while swimming in the outdoor hot water pool. I came to know
later on that there was a salt water pool with underground music! It would have
been a great experience. Sadly we missed it. In essence it has been a positive
experience which we highly recommend for everyone. You can’t go wrong spending
some time here!!!

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What are you waiting for? Enjoy a day in Merano

Comments (2)

  • Grace

    August 23, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    The location of the pools is so gorgeous! It's a shame you didn't have such a good experience with the staff. I may have to add Merano to my list for the next time I'm in Italy.

  • Luzel

    August 24, 2017 at 10:03 am

    Oh my word, would have loved to see more pics of here, but a pool with a view of a mountain! I want to be there now!

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