Things to do in Rio Lagundo when the rain tries to ruin your day

July 14, 2017Niry Fidelis

We had this trip planned months back and finally that
one day arrived! Hotel has been booked and paid already so our only choice was
going even if the weather report said that it would rain! Upon arrival, at the
reception desk of the
Hotel Garni An Der Leit, we received the “AlgundCard”
which gives free access to many benefits like public transportation,
museums, cable cars, and discount on bike and ski rentals and so on. That was
absolutely fantastic! We used it for going up to Rio Lagundo. When I saw
the price board at the cable car station I had idea the amount we’d have paid
without AlgundCard! The round trip cost €9.50. There were of course extra
charges for pets, bikes and children. As I told you first guest with the Algund Card could travel with the cable car for free. Rio Lagundo was a small mountain
village placed 1360 meters high to Lagundo. From July 2017 this idyllic village could be easily
reached by a modern cable car from the Rablà station (525 meters
high) which was open from 8.00 am to 7 pm. Their lunch break went from
12.30 to 13.30. During the warm season, the village seemed much appreciated
destination for trips since it offered pleasant excursions both by walk and by bicycle. We
planned to do a lot in Rio Lagundo but when we reached the place the weather
was slowly getting upset. We had a quick walk around and we decided to have
lunch before doing any other thing! The restaurant Gasthaus Aschbacher Hof
was the one close to the cable car station. There was nothing to say
about its location! It was of course breathtaking! They offered traditional
dishes in the large garden in front of the mountains. Everything looked just fantastic.
They had a farm with rabbits, cows, goats and hens.
Marvelous area for children as well. Unfortunately we didn’t
notice the size of the portion before ordering so each of us ordered a single
plate. Only when the food arrived to the table we realized that the portions
were very very big. One plate would have been more than enough for two. When we
saw the piece of cake that the waiter was serving to the lady sitting on the table next
to us we decided against it! It was enormous! Out of this everything was perfect,
the staff was friendly, the food had a homemade aspect and the price very
reasonable! Meanwhile the sky was getting darker and darker! We started to
realize that probably hiking up to S. Vigilio might have been impossible! In
fact heavy rain came down the moment we ended up with our lunch! Even though we
didn’t want to give up, we waited some time to start our walk at least just
around the village before getting back to the cable car station! Thanks God the
rain stopped for a while!!! We could then have a rapid turnaround! We visited
the lovely church of San Mary of the snow and the cute little village itself!
This is all we could do due to the rain.
I loved that peaceful place! Would love to go back!

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